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The wedding suit: advice for the bridegroom

The wedding suit: advice for the bridegroom

Summer is fast approaching, and happy couples are lining up for their wedding days. Summer weddings often run from early in the day until late in the night, and the entire wedding party dresses for the occasion. While the bride traditionally splurges on her wedding dress, the bridegroom often ends up in a forgettable, mousy suit, reasoning that he’ll never wear it again. Why should this be the case? Designer Holger Sommer speaks out against this practice in a post on the gentleman’s blog, wherein he advocates for more stylish wedding suits.

Double standards apply

Why is it perfectly acceptable for brides to pay staggering sums for their wedding dresses? After all, no woman would ever even consider wearing her wedding dress more than once. For their husbands-to-be, however, it seems as though every cent spent on the wedding suit is a cent too much. It’s an important occasion for the both of them; why should the groom have to look shabby next to his radiant bride? It’s his day too, and he ought to look his best. There are plenty of stylish options available for the discerning bridegroom, and creating a beautiful look is well worth the effort.

wedding suits for the braves ones

There are two classic types of wedding suits: the tuxedo and the tailcoat. Certain designers have created special lines of groom’s suits, ranging from simple to extravagant in style; some cuts are Rococo-inspired, fabrics vary in colour and finish (including glossy), and there are even patterned options offered as an alternative to the usual monochrome. The designers ensure that the suits, while stunning, are never excessive. A good suit ensures that the groom isn’t overshadowed by his attire. Labels to look for include Zegna, Cleofe Finati by Archetipo and Carlo Pignatelli from Italy, as well as the German „Ceremony“ line by Digel.

The shirt worn with the suit should feature draping and subtle detailing to perfectly round out the bridegroom’s look.

Wedding suits that bear repeating

Unlike a wedding dress, a quality groom’s suit can absolutely be worn again. While wedding dresses are immediately recognizable as such, groom’s suits can be recombined for all manner of occasions; the trousers or jacket are easily paired with other, simpler pieces. The wedding vest may also be recombined—for example, with jeans and a simple jacket to create a distinct yet widely appropriate look.

some more suits for the bridegroom

Wedding suit sources

Cleofe Finati by Archetipo
Elegant Italian suits with Rococo-inspired cuts. A creative, modern take on fashion history. (All images accompanying this article depict Archetipo wedding suits.)

Fashionable, elegant Italian suits.

Carlo Pignatelli
Sophisticated Italian suits. Featuring high-quality fabrics and cuts.

Stylish and elegant slim-cut Spanish suits.

Simple German suits with subtle, intriguing detailing.

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